Google Is There is An Alternative To walking Away from Your Upside Down or Underwater Mortgage besides a short sale? Yes there is. It's The Mortgage Relief Program - We take over upside down or underwater mortgage payments & you move on. No default & No foreclosure & No Bad Credit
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Mortgage Relief Solutions - The Alternative To Strategic Default
Upside Down or Underwater Mortgage/Home- How to "walk away" from a mortgage and survive...

NOT walk away and foreclose...

Here we are in the beggining of 2017. Just when you thought it was safe. Home prices did not go up as fast or as high as you thought they would. As a matter of fact home values in a majority of states appear to have reached their peak and in many cases a decline is happening already. Now you're back to where you were a year or two ago. Still making payments on an unwanted or unmanageable mortgage. You could have used those funds for something that you need or even want. There are arguments against walking away from an unwanted or unmanageable mortgage such as on moral or ethical grounds. However most people who walk away believe they have good reason to do so. Things like a sudden reduction in income or just plain losing their job rank in the top. A necessary relocation or out of state move is next. Divorce or significant other separation. Some even tried landlording but the expenses related to the repairs, maintenance, insurance, taxes and dealing with defaults, evictions and tenants from hell have swayed many homeowners from that route. There are many other valid reasons as well. Read more here:

Can I turn my upside down, underwater mortgage, non assumable mortgage over to a company and walk?

Can I turn over my upside down, underwater mortgage, non assumable mortgage and home over to Mortgage Relief Solutions and walk away? Yes. You can. Turning your home over to a company that will make the mortgage payments, pay the insurance, taxes, keep up maintenance, etc. in return for signing over the property and recording the transaction at the local county recorders office where the property resides is very possible. Read more at this link here:

Under water or upside down mortgage?

Owe far more against your home than it's worth? (also known as an upside down mortgage or underwater mortgage) Have the financial ability to make payments each month, but with each passing day you're questioning the financial wisdom of 'throwing good money after bad'? (strategic default) Or perhaps you no longer have the financial ability to make those mortgage payments any longer due to unforeseen circumstances such as loss or reduction of income, divorce, etc. (economic default) Read more here:

Upside Down Mortgage Solution

Is there an upside down mortgage solution? Yes there is. Instead of just simply succumbing to economic default (unintentional foreclosure) or strategic default (intentional foreclosure) where the result will be the same, the Mortgage Relief Program offers home owners in either mortgage situation, (economic default or strategic default) the ability to get their house in order to lessen the impact of either type of default. Read more here: