How To Walk Away From Your Mortgage ..the right way! We'll take over your mortgage payments - - We take over mortgage payments and homes regardless of the mortgage amount, today! Upside down & no equity okay!
Don't walk away and foreclose. We take over...You move on.
For your reference, we have compiled this information & resource section. Please refer to the links below, they will aid in your move and information regarding the subject of walking away from your home (strategic default). These are informational links that will help you understand that simply walking away from your home and letting the bank/lender foreclose on your home (strategic default) could possibly have more detrimental effects and consequences as opposed to our Mortgage Relief Program which will still allows you the option to "walk away" but without the serious consequences associated with walking away in most cases. 

Bottom line is we want to help you make a more informed decision about "walking away" because in many cases homeowners believe that they may not have any other options and for some this is an unknown option and our Mortgage Relief Program will help make it easier for homeowners who have seriously thought about walking away from an upside down or underwater mortgage intentionally (strategic default) and also for those who have no other choice (economic default).  

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Professor White is a professor at The University of Arizona James E Rogers College of Law. His latest paper is called “Underwater and Not Walking Away: Shame, Fear and the Social Management of the Housing Crisis.”   Click this link for the entire paper
The Nation's Housing: Walking away from a mortgage - read here -->
Underwater homeowners leave behind mortgages, but lenders can still come calling - click below to read article
More owners opt to walk and leave mortgages behind -click link below to read
Informational news articles, videos and resources about walking away from your mortgage (strategic default) ... the right way
Walking Away Video
<<---Please click on the blue square for very informational news clips and videos on the pros and cons of walking away from your home.
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Is it morally acceptable to walk away from a mortgage? Please read this....
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Why Are So Many Americans Abandoning Their Homes and Walking Away From Their Mortgage?
Don't walk away and foreclose. We take over...You move on.
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We take move on.
We take over...You move on.