Questions and answers about taking over your upside down mortgage payments or underwater home. Can Someone Take over my upside down or underwater mortgage payments? Yes! We take over your mortgage payments for the full amount of your mortgage today! Non Assumable, Upside down mortgage, under water homes and no equity Okay!
No Worries. We take over mortgage payments.
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Our Mortgage Relief Program

Benefits of our Mortgage Relief Program
Questions and Answers
The Benefits of our Mortgage Relief Program:

     No more Mortgage payments on the old note/property, we take over your mortgage payments even if you owe more than what the property is worth, regardless of the amount you owe.

     No property management fees. We take over the property and manage the property as the new owner.

     No property repairs and maintenance which can be costly. We are responsible for this.

     No land lording and tenant issues such as evicting the tenant and trying to collect the rent or paying the mortgage when your tenant defaults. We take over mortgage payments and are responsible for this.

    Avoiding possible Foreclosure and further harm to your credit profile

    Avoiding lenders going after you for the loan balance

    Avoid vacant home vandalism and property theft

    Our Property Managers are responsible for overall upkeep and any additional expenses 

    Qualified, temporary Property Managers responsible for the home. 

Our Mortgage Relief Program is designed for the Homeowner or investor who wants out of paying an unmanageable or unwanted mortgage payment, due in part to the number of upside down mortgages, underwater homes and the inability of prospective buyers to obtain financing, a home can be difficult to sell, even at a substantial price reduction. Again, especially homes that can't be sold in the conventional market (upside down mortgage, under water mortgage, you owe more than what the house is worth). Not to mention the ongoing costs associated with these properties: mortgage expenses, taxes, insurance, maintenance and repairs, etc. Worst of all, vacant homes have become targets for vandalism. Appliances, lighting fixtures, even copper plumbing, has been ripped from homes, bringing down the already depressed value even further. We relieve you of these burdens and stress. Mortgage Relief Solutions offers immediate debt relief through our Mortgage Relief Program. We Take over Payments, We take over Houses, We take over Property, We take over Mortgage payments. Now!

Almost all the homes that we take over the mortgage payments on have little or no equity in them also known as an upside down mortgage or under water home. Since there is no equity your home won't qualify for purchasing the traditional way. No bank will lend money on a home that has no equity, is upside down, underwater or is worth less than what is owed on the mortgage. We are running a business. As such, we don't buy "full priced" homes with no equity the standard or traditional way. That is not our business model. The only way we can buy "full priced" homes with little or no equity is by taking over the house and mortgage payments for the full loan amount of your loan balance until the house is resold. When we resell the home your mortgage will be paid off

Of course it is not possible to give a time frame on when the house will be resold but that is when we make a profit from selling the home so we are extremely motivated to get it resold as soon as possible. In the meantime we will make the mortgage payments, take care of maintenance and market the property. This is what differentiates us from a real estate agent. A real estate agent will not make payments or keep up on maintenance while they are trying to sell your house. We will. So if do you have an Upside down mortgage situation? Do you owe more than what the property is worth? No problem. We take move on.

Bottom line: We will take over your mortgage payments and home for the full amount of the mortgage until the house is resold. Our Mortgage Relief Program is explained by clicking here: Mortgage Relief Program.

Some homes offered to us are those behind in mortgage payments where the threat of foreclosure is quite imminent but mostly homeowners who are not behind in payments but who want to walk away from that mortgage payment for whatever reason. The only way for some homeowners to reasonably "sell" the house is for us to "take over" the mortgage payments and house, We pay the arrearages if feasible, and pay the future the mortgage payments. In this "take over the mortgage and house" process, we do buy your home but in a less conventional way. Keep in mind that selling your house by having us take over the mortgage payments is the best option compared to what will happen if you just plain walk away and foreclose (strategic default).

What we do may not be for everyone. Just those who want to walk away (strategic default), are considering it or have no choice (economic default). Many homeowners we have assisted by taking over their homes have been pretty happy with us. (David Evans testimonial) We've relieved them of the stress associated with an unwanted burden, liability and mortgage payments! Trying to sell your house the "traditional" way through a real estate agent when you are "upside down" or "underwater" you may be required to bring to the closing table $10k, 20k, 30k or much, much more depending on what you owe versus what your property is worth. Not with us.

Many homeowners prefer our way, having little to no out of pocket expense to sell their house this way (Mortgage Relief Program) instead of draining their life savings to try to sell their house. We helped them at a time when few real estate agents or buyers/investors could but should be willing to let them know that this option exists. Not that we are against any real estate agents or investors because we frequently work with them. Lots of people including realtors would have you believe that this is not possible. It is very possible and is happening every day. 

Selling your home to Mortgage Relief Solutions by having us take over your mortgage payments is kept quiet by many real estate professionals across the country...many realtors just are not very familiar with the strategy or simply can't do it. Besides it takes away their bottom line...commissions. Most people including realtors have not seen the actual paperwork or documentation on the many, many homes sold this way or been involved in a sale this way. They may not understand the process or are not comfortable with it but we know it and have been taking over mortgage payments and homes for close to 14 years successfully for many homeowners who were unaware this option exists and now have an alternative where non existed before.

Many sellers and homeowners prefer our Mortgage Relief Program and would prefer NOT to ruin their credit for 7 years or more and suffer other consequences. So if you have no choice but to foreclose (economic default) or walk away from your mortgage and home or simply choose to do so for whatever reason (strategic default) then we will take over your mortgage payments and home for the full mortgage amount that that you owe on your home.  

Thinking of a short sale of your home or perhaps your realtor told you this was the only option? Please read the information below first before you make that decision! 
Please read why a short sale of your home may not be the answer. Click to read:

Below is a recap and some questions and answers of what we can do for 
your unwanted or unmanageable mortgage payments:

Q. Can you really take over my upside down mortgage payments?

A. Yes we can. We've been taking over mortgage payments and houses associated
     with them with over 14 years experience. 

Q. If I have a non assumable mortgage can you still take over the mortgage payments?

A. Yes. Our program works especially with so- called "non assumable" mortgages.

Q. Is approval from my mortgage company or lender required in order for you to
     make my mortgage payments?

A. No. However we always notify them that payments will be coming from us from now on.
    They simply note it on the account. The mortgage company or lender are usually quite 
    happy that the mortgage payments are being made period.

Q. Will the lender or bank be made aware of who will be making the payments?

A. We will notify them as stated above. The bank or lender will be properly notified and made fully aware of who will be making the payments. In addition to utilizing an authorization for legal communication now and in the future to the lender, the authorization clearly states, we inform them that we now have control and management of the property and monthly payments will be       coming from us now and in the future. This is almost always sufficient for lenders as they want to know primarily who the contact is and that payments are being made and will continue. 
Again, lenders do not care who makes the mortgage payments just as long as they are made.

Q. Once your company starts making mortgage payments who does the lender send 
     notices to for such things as escrow notices, payment changes or increases, taxes, etc?

A. All notices, escrow changes, payment changes,etc are sent directly to us. Sometimes the lender will still send you a notice or two in the beginning but all notices are sent to us. 
    This also applies to an HOA as well. We will send an authorization to you for the HOA once we have a signed agreement. Most HOA's require this as well in their bylaws.

Q. One of the reasons I bought this property was to claim the interest paid for tax relief. How is this handled for the payments already made and in the future?

A. Many of our clients ask this question the most. You absolutely can claim the interest for payments already made and for the rest of year in which we take over the mortgage payments. 
    In addition we can sometimes make arrangements for you to claim interest for the coming year as well.

Q. Who will be responsible for future maintenance and repairs?

A.  As far as repairs are concerned we will absorb the cost of repairs and maintenance
     as long as you have disclosed all repairs and maintenance truthfully.

Q. What about the "due on sale clause"? If property is transferred can't the lender 
     or bank call the loan due?

A.  The legal apparatus that we use to acquire and hold the property makes the due on 
     sale clause not applicable. We have never had a lender call the loan due because of 
     a due on sale clause.

Q. How fast can we do this?

A. As fast as 30 days or less in some cases. We will work according to your time frame
​    and schedule. If you want to or need to proceed slowly you can. If you want this done
    in two weeks its possible.

Q. Will I be charged anything upfront?

A. No. We charge no upfront fee's or commission associated with these transactions. You only pay a document preparation and transaction/recording fee of between $199 and $299
    depending on recording costs and applicable fee's charged by your local county recorder's office where the property is currently registered at, and that is only at the end when the final 
    documents are signed, notarized and completed. There are no hidden or unexpected costs later.

Q. How does your program make my mortgage payments?

A. The Mortgage Relief Program is designed to get your monthly mortgage paid every month via our Lease Purchase program. Our main focus is to get the property sold and a payoff of the mortgage at some point. We have Lease Purchase clients all over the country in every state who are looking to purchase a home such as yours for themselves. They are already enrolled in our Lease Purchase program and are standing by to move in now. We prefer these type of clients in the properties obviously because they intend to buy the property which falls in line with our goal AND Your goal of paying off your mortgage instead of renters who do not intend to purchase. Again we have tenant buyers not renters. We want to resell the home and payoff your mortgage, that is the goal. The terms with our Lease Purchase clients are usually 1 to 5 years but some can take longer. This also depends on market conditions, mortgage amount, area, type and condition of home, etc. In SOME cases it may be possible to negotiate with your lender to purchase your mortgage note at a negotiated marketable price. This does require time and patience. We can then sell the home to our lease purchase buyer or to any buyer on the market. However this may not be applicable to all lenders and mortgages. Again, our main program is our Lease Purchase program and Tenant Buyer AND as market conditions allow. The bottom line is while your home is waiting to be sold but can't be sold right away (upside down, underwater, no equity) we get the mortgage paid, take care of maintenance, insurance, taxes, etc. until we can sell and pay off the mortgage. Can or will a Realtor do that for you? No. But we can.

Q. How do I know the mortgage payments will be made? 

A. You have the ability to call the mortgage company at anytime to check the status of payments. We also sign a legal contract stating that payments will be made via our Lease Purchase tenants in exchange for the property. We are a group of private real estate investors. We are in business to make a profit. We profit only when we have property that does not go into default and foreclose. We invest our time and money into the property and do not want to lose our investment, as our programs are based on monthly payments being made from our Lease Purchase clients and ultimate sale of the home and pay off of the mortgage. The only factor out of our control is WHEN that will happen (sale of the home). In the mean time our program allows you to not strain your finances paying two mortgages or rent while trying to figure out what to do with the first one and frees you from the financial strain of paying a mortgage payment you no longer cannot afford or simply do not want to pay.

Q. Can we help every homeowner?

A. Almost everyone.... We are not able to help everyone but most homeowners we can and we'll do our best. Every home and homeowners circumstances are different. We certainly can help home owners who cannot sell their property in the traditional manner because of "upside down mortgages" or "underwater mortgages", owing more than what the property is worth. This is an alternative where none usually existed before. Instead of walking away and intentionally defaulting (strategic default), or continue to pay on a mortgage that is draining you financially, simply let Mortgage Relief Solutions take over your mortgage payments and house. Instead of economic default , where you have no choice but to foreclose because of circumstances beyond your control, ie, loss of income, divorce, must move and can't sell, let Mortgage Relief Solutions take over your mortgage payments and house. 

There is no obligation to call and find out if we are able to help you. Just call us and tell us to "take over my house & take over my payment" or "take over my property & take over my mortgage payments."

**You can read more Q & A by clicking >here<

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There is an alternative to a strategic default or even short sale of your home. We take over upside down mortgage payments and underwater houses. 
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